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About Us

Welcome to K’s Pro Car Detailing! We are a Cyprus based company specialised and certified in automotive detailing and paint correction. By the using best tools and detailing techniques, our goal is to ensure that by the time you receive your car it is as shiny and fresh as the day it left the factory.

Now, you might be wondering ‘What makes an auto detailing service better than a car wash?’. Let’s find out…

What is Car Detailing?

As the name suggests, an auto detailing service is completely different to a regural car wash because we pay attention to the details! By details we are referring to all the scratches and damages that keep your car from looking as shiny as you first bought it.

With our car detailing service we enhance your car’s paint by offering it a series of polishing stages, which remove the scratches and imperfections.

The best part about a car detailing service is the sealing stage. After we bring your car back to its factory state we give it the long-term protection it deserves using ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the vehicle’s surfaces. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

‘ But what about my interior…??? ‘

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Our service offers care and protection to your interior too. Ceramic coating is applied to your car’s fabric or leather and a deep-shampoo cleaning is offered to the carpets.

Overall and in simple words, car detailing is a service that takes your car back to it’s factory state and gives it the protection it requires in order to remain in that state for as long as possible.

Our Work
Our Tools

A top quality result would not be possible without top quality products and tools, therefore we only make sure to work with the best of the best! K’s Pro is officially accredited by Gtechniq™️, which is our provider for all the products we use during our full car detailing package. Rupes™️ is the provider for all the polishing machines and equipment we use.

Our Full Protection Package
Car Wash and Decontamination

We always start with a thorough wash to ensure that all the dirt is removed from the car’s surfaces.

Full Paint Correction (90% Correction)

Your car’s exterior goes through a range of polishing stages to level the paint and remove defects ​including wash induced swirls, light scratches, hard water spots, bird dropping etchings, and scuffs via machine buffing. Through machine polishing we are also able to drastically improve the gloss of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Ceramic Coating on Body Paint and Wheels (3-9 Year Warranty)

After the paint is corrected it is time to seal your car and protect it using ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the vehicle’s surfaces. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection. With the application of our ‘Gtechniq Crystal Serum Paint Ceramic Coating’ you receive a 5 year protection warranty.

Ceramic Coating on Windows (Outside) (3 Year Warranty)

Windows need protection too, therefore we add a layer of protection on the outside with our ‘Gtechniq G1 Chrystal Clear Vision Smart Glass’ 

Ceramic Coating on Interior (18 Month Warranty)

Whether your car’s interior is made out of fabric or leather, we take care of its protection. A series of products such as the ‘Gtechniq mate dash coating’ , ‘Gtechniq smart fabrics hydrophobic interior coating’ and ‘Gtechniq leather guard’ are used to add a full layer of protection with an 18 month warranty.

Carpet Deep Shampoo Cleaning

As the name suggested, we remove all your car’s carpet and give it a special deep shampoo cleaning that simply makes it brand new.

Tyre and Trim Restoration

Protection and shine added your vehicle’s tyres and all plastic trim inside/out

Our three ceramic coating options
3 Year Warranty
Our basic ceramic coating package with up to 3 years durability. An entry level solution for any kind of car or motorcycle.
5 Year Warranty
Our best-seller and one of the best in the market with up to 5 years durability. One of the best solutions for any type of application with guaranteed durability.
9 Year Warranty
Our premium ceramic coating option with up to 9 years durability, 10H hardness rate and swirl resistant. One of the most advanced coatings ever created with full training and accreditation for our team for its application.
Cars with length equal to or less than 4.5m
Cars with length equal to or more than 4.5m
Extra Charges
  • Soft-Top Equipped Cars: €50 extra on every package
  • Under Body Steam Cleaning and Coating: €150
  • Wheel Removal and Full Arch Steam Cleaning and Coating: €80
  • Detailers Wash: €25 (3 hours) (included in packages)
  • Interior Detailing: €100 (included in packages)
  • Headlight Restoration: €40 (included in packages)
  • Driice blasting packages price on application
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